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Unlock the Power of an Orbital Perspective

From his own experience as an astronaut, Ron Garan reveals how viewing the world from space can help us solve our most pressing problems here on Earth.

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For astronaut Ron Garan, living on the International Space Station was a powerful, transformative experience.

One that he believes holds the key to solving our problems here on Earth.

On space walks and through windows, Garan was struck by the stunning beauty of the Earth from space but sobered by knowing how much needed to be done to help our troubled planet.

And yet on the International Space Station, Garan, a former fighter pilot, was working work side by side with Russians, who only a few years before were “the enemy.”

If fifteen nationalities could collaborate on one of the most ambitious, technologically complicated undertakings in history, surely we can apply that kind of cooperation and innovation toward creating a better world.

That spirit is the “orbital perspective.”

“Ron Garan’s breakthrough book is one of a kind."

"Ron masterfully synthesizes the big-picture view of our world with the ground-level details necessary to overcome the barriers to improving life for all people”

Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia

"The Orbital Perspective is an inspirational knockout."

After reading this book you will refuse to accept the status quo on our planet.

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“The Orbital Perspective is an inspirational knockout. After reading this book you will refuse to accept the status quo on our planet.”

Jenny Swift, Trustpilot Review

“Written from Ron Garan’s unique perspective as an astronaut, The Orbital Perspective reminds us of our common humanity and that the pressing challenges we face, we must face and resolve together through tolerance, dialogue, and cooperation.”

Kofi A. Annan, Nobel Peace Laureate and Chair, Kofi Annan Foundation

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Jenny Swift, Trustpilot Review

The Orbital Perspective has become a blue print for business leaders to build a foundation of purpose, potential and progress in their companies

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Meet The Author

Having enjoyed an illustrious career that has cemented Colonel Ron Garan’s place as one of the world’s most influential individuals, the iconic father of three is a decorated NASA astronaut, fighter pilot and test pilot, a humanitarian, and a social entrepreneur.

He has become a globally recognized leader and sought after speaker, using his platform to share stories of hope from around the world. Colonel Ron Garan is a strong outspoken advocate for peace, human rights, and equity and justice for all. He is also an advisor to many organizations seeking innovative solutions to problems of poverty, education, healthcare access, clean water and more.